Mediterranean Style Dry Roasted Chickpeas

This is not a grab-roast-pack thing. No! That would be too easy.
This is the 45 days long journey of a regular chickpea turning to a traditional Mediterranean style dry roasted chickpea with an artisanal technique reaching back 600 years.

Step 1 - Selection

We round up only the freshest and top quality chickpeas right from the source.

Step 2 - Roasting & Resting

We fire-roast them, and left to rest for 10 days in burlap sacks. Then we roast them again, but this time they rest for a month in the fresh air.

Step 3 - Soaking

We evenly soak the rested chickpeas and let them rest for another day.

Step 4 - Final Roasting

We fire-roast them one last time in huge tin pans, while a spinning wooden knob gently separates the outer shell of the chickpeas.

The 45-day adventure is now complete.

Step 5 - Flavoring

After the 45-days long artisanal process which only water and fire involved, we cover them with six different chocolate flavors in our modern facility.

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