What makes MISKETS better, anyway?

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MISKETS are dry roasted chickpeas. Compared to other nuts (peanuts, pecans, almonds, etc.) dry roasted chickpeas contain lots of protein and fiber. They also have way less fat than nuts.

Are MISKETS tree nut free?

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Yes. But are produced in a facility where tree nuts may present.

Are MISKETS fried?

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MISKETS are dry roasted, not fried!

Can I order online?

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Totally! MISKETS are available on our online store here, Amazon and Wallmart.

Do you offer free shipping?

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Yes. Orders that exceed $40 qualify for free shipping on our website.

Are all your flavors vegan friendly?

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Our Dark Chocolate flavor is vegan. All other flavors contain milk powder therefore they are not vegan.

How much protein & fiber do MISKETS contain?

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Here you can see the exact values per pack for our different flavors;

Dark Chocolate: 13g Protein, 13g Fiber
Milk Chocolate: 13g Protein, 13g Fiber
Lemon Cheesecake: 16g Protein, 10g Fiber
Italian Tiramisu: 16g Protein, 10g Fiber
Cinnamon Chocolate: 13g Protein, 13g Fiber
Coconut Flakes: 13g Protein, 13g Fiber

How Mediterranean style dry roasted chickpeas made?

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Mediterranean dry roasting technique reaches back 600 years and only fire, water and air involves.

Do MISKETS contain any allergens?

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MISKETS do not contain soy, wheat, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish or shellfish.

How many calories are in a pack of MISKETS?

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MISKETS contain 140 calories per serving!

What’s the best way to store MISKETS?

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MISKETS is best stored in 60F - 75F degrees in a dry space.

What's the return policy?

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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or if you received any of our products damaged or spoiled, please let us know! You can review our return policy here.

More questions?

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Feel free to reach us at:

How can I get the 30 Day Happiness Challenge checklist?

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